Medical Excuse Policy and Missing Class

Medical Excuse Policy:
If a student is healthy enough to attend school, they are expected to fully participate in Physical Education just as they would any other class.  
In order for a student to be excused from Physical Education they must have a diagnosed condition or injury AND have a signed and dated note from their doctor.  Notes from parents/guardians and the school nurse may excuse a student from participation.  If a student is medically required to miss numerous classes they will be given an alternative project/assignment related to Physical Education. 

Missing Class:
Students will not be excused from PE to make-up or finish work for other classes.  PE is where students learn skills associated with sports and activities, practice team work, accountability and responsibility, and develop fine and gross motor skills and movement patterns.   
Frequently Asked Questions:
What if I have a game after school? Do I have to participate in class?
Yes, absolutely!  Even when you play your hardest in class, you still have plenty of time to recover before your game.  Increased physical activity equals increased fitness and both of these will make you a better competitor and athlete.
I sprained my ankle, but I can't go the doctor until Friday.  Can my mom send in a note to excuse me?
If you can't get to the doctor before class, you can sit-out from class with a parent note until you get a doctor's note.  If a doctor's note is not brought to school within a few days, you will be given an alternative project/assignment related to Physical Education. 
This week is super busy and stressful for me, can I sit-out?
No way!  Physical activity is a great way to relieve stress and take your mind off all that homework you've been doing. 
My stomach hurts, can I be excused from playing? 
If you come to class feeling ill or begin to feel sick during class, coach will first have you get some water and try to participate.  If your illness persists, you will be sent to the nurse for a diagnosis.