HMS Physical Education

Grading Rubric

Each class period, students will earn a maximum of 5 points.  Listed below are ways students can earn points each day during class.  *Students can also lose points based upon preparedness, behavior, effort, and conduct during class.

 Class Expectations:

*Prepared for class:  Proper Attire- Appropriate footwear (sneakers only) and appropriate clothing (athletic shorts/t-shirt/socks), exits the locker room quickly and ready to participate.

*Participation/effort:  Participates actively and to the best of their ability during all class activities, demonstrates effort and skill competency, moves in a safe manner.  

*Behavior/conduct:  Demonstrates respect for teachers and peers, treats equipment with care, listens and follows directions and instructions, demonstrates appropriate class behavior.


Daily Grade:  Here are some examples of what your daily grade might reflect.

5 Points:  Prepared for class/full class participation/demonstration of skill competency

4 Points:  Student lost a point due to preparedness, participation, effort, behavior or conduct (Ex. Student forgot appropriate clothing and had to borrow school issued clothing, talking when the teacher is talking, etc.)

3 Points:  Prepared for class/some class participation/some demonstration of skill competency

2 Points:  Student may have only earned two points based upon preparedness, participation, effort, behavior and/or conduct. 

1 Point:  Prepared for class/minimal class participation/some behavior issues/minimal demonstration of skill competency

0 Points:  Unprepared for class/did not participate in class activities/had to sit-out due to behavior and conduct