Clothing, Lockers, Miscellaneous Information

Proper PE Clothes:
Students are required to change their clothes for class and wear sneakers or tennis shoes with a closed toe and heel.  PE clothes must follow the HMS Dress Code.  The following items are NOT allowed: tank tops or sleeveless shirts (including LAX jerseys), skirts, sandals, boots, scarves or neckties. Students with PE clothes revealing undergarments, restricting movement, or deemed otherwise inappropriate for physical activity will be asked to change.  If students forget a change of clothes for PE then points will be deducted from their daily grade and they will be asked to change into the extra pe clothes that are available in the locker room.  When borrowing the extra pe clothes that are available, please return them to the laundry basket for "dirty laundry" to be washed.  
At the bottom of this page are some examples of acceptable PE clothes.

Students are strongly encouraged to use the lockers in the locker room to store gym clothes, sneakers, water bottle, and/or deodorant.  It is recommended that each student brings their clothes home at the end of the week to be washed and brought back for the next school day.  The school is not responsible for items and locks lost or stolen from the locker room.  If a student would like a locker assigned to them or a lock issued for their locker then please see Coach Arroyo or Mrs. Rubin.  For security reasons, students may not bring a lock from home (unissued locks will be cut off at the end of each day).  At the end of the quarter, students must return the same lock they were issued.  Students who lose their locks will be charged $5.  

Coach Arroyo is available most days before school, at lunch, or after school to help students learn how to use their combination locks. 
Things you can bring to physical education class:
Water - students are encouraged to bring a plastic/metal water bottle to class to stay hydrated (please, nothing but water). 
Hats - when class is being held outside, students are welcome to wear a hat for sun protection or warmth.  Students CANNOT wear a hat to class, continue wearing a hat after class, or wear a hat when class is held indoors.  
Solid Deodorant - students are encouraged to practice healthy self-care and can leave a deodorant in their locker.
For safety reasons, the following items are banned from the HMS gym during phys. ed. class:
Cell phones - these should be left in hall lockers or backpacks.  They are not allowed in the gym or locker rooms.  If a students has a phone in class or the locker room they will first receive a warning and the phone will be confiscated until 2:45pm.  If a student repeatedly brings a cell phone they will receive detention and a lower Daily Points grade for the day. 
Gum - students can choke on gum and it ruins floors and equipment that it is affixed to, so don't have it in class. 
Food & Drinks (other than water) - spilt food and drinks are a safety hazard and have the potential to damage equipment, so don't bring them to class. 
Perfume, Cologne, Spray Deodorants (example: Axe Body Spray) - asthma and certain allergies can be aggravated by aerated scents and deodorants.  Due to the number of students with sensitivity, they are no longer allowed.  If brought to class they will be confiscated and thrown out.   
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