Meet Your Teacher

  • B.A. Simmons College: Spanish
  • M.A. Brown University: Spanish Literature
  • B.S. Boston University: Computer Engineering
  • Rivier College: Teaching Certificate

I am very happy to be starting my 16th year teaching Spanish at HMS.  Before I decided to teach Spanish, I worked as a Software Engineer for 14 years. Although this may seem like a major shift in careers, I feel that I have had the opportunity to pursue two fields of education that are passions for me: Spanish and Computers.  

Throughout my life, I worked with people who were learning English, and now I work with students who are learning Spanish.  Since my parents are from Mexico, I have always been exposed to language learners starting with my parents who felt strongly that when you are in a country, it is important to embrace the language and culture of that country.  Their passion for learning cultures and languages is what motivates me now to help students as they cultivate an appreciation and understanding of the link between language and culture.

Since I had the opportunity to grow up between two cultures, American and Mexican, I was very excited when three students approached me in my early years at HMS and begged me to plan a trip to Mexico.  Well, that trip led to two more plus four other trips to Spain and one to Puerto Rico with our Superintendent Mr. LaSalle.  The trips provided me with a way to make a real-life link between language, culture, history... and how that opens one to the diversity of people.  Fellow travelers on these trips included Mrs. Buswell-Wible, Mr. Remillard, and Mrs. Ramirez-Platte as well as former school board members and some teachers who have since retired from HMS.
I currently teach 8th Grade Spanish and look forward to working with your children as they start to learn a foreign language.  My goal is to help all students learn how to approach language in their own unique style in order to become an independent foreign language learner.