Ms. Gibbons Class

Day Two - Create a narrative and analyze it for  Literary Elements.

 This  assignment counts for both Reading and Writing classes.

  1. Go to Google Classroom for Reading . Look on the left side of the page or scroll through the assignments.  It is the seventh assignment.
  2. Open the Google Doc attached. Read the directions.
  3. Write a narrative.  Edit your work with CUPS (Capitalization, Usage, Punctuation, and Spelling.)  Revise your work with ARMS (Add, Remove, Move, Substitute.) 
  4. Complete the Literary Elements analysis chart
  5. For an advanced grade challenge yourself to bring the assignment to a higher level.  At the end of your narrative, please note the challenge and how you attempted to create an advanced piece. 
  6. Turn In the doc in Google Classroom.

The Google Doc narrative and analysis will count as a classwork assignment.

I Can Statements - 

  •  I can use narrative techniques to develop a story line where one event logically leads to another. 
  • I can use descriptive words and phrases that help my readier understand the experience and events.
  • I can analyze text and determine the author's purpose for including a particular sentence, chapter, scene, or stanza.