Tips for Finding a Just Right Book

Tips for Finding a Just Right Book

Preview:  Read the front and back cover of the book. Flip through the pages.  Look at the chapter titles. 

Interest: Is the topic interesting to you? Can you make connections to the topic?

Five Finger Rule:  Open the book, and read the second page.  Hold up one finger for each word that you do not know.  A just right book might offer a little challenge; there might be one or two words that you do not know.  However, if there are more than five words that you do not know, the book might be too difficult for you.

Genre:  Are you looking for fiction or nonfiction? If the book is fiction, is it realistic fiction, science fiction, historical fiction or mystery?  What genres do you enjoy reading?

Author: Have you read books by this author before? You might enjoy new books from an author that you have already read and liked.  

Recommendations:  Ask someone else about books they like! Ask: parents, teachers, and friends.  Go to the Hampstead Middle School library site and look at the Destiny catalog.   There are book recommendation websites on Destiny! 


The Hampstead Middle School Library is a wonderful place to find books.   You can even find ebooks to read at home.  To find electronic books, visit the HMS Destiny catalog found on the library's web page.

The Scholastic Book Wizarwill help you select books by subject or even Lexile.

Go to the Hampstead Public Library!