Mission & Philosophy

A core value of the Hampstead School District is to offer all students an education that enables him/her to grow personally, socially, creatively, physically, and academically. To that end, the district’s Response to Intervention (RtI) model addresses the academic needs of all students. The district’s Ventures program (Gifted and Talented) is an extension of the RtI model and is designed to address the unique learning needs of students with exceptional intellectual aptitude and /or a high level of creativity, competence or talent in a specific area. The philosophy of the Ventures program is to promote innovative, higher-order thinking, to develop inquiry and problem-solving skills, to enhance learning experiences, and to challenge children beyond the existing grade level expectations.

Analysis of standardized test scores, i-Ready results, classroom assessments, Renzulli Scales for Rating the Behavioral Characteristics of Superior Students, and teacher recommendations are used as identifiers for the Ventures/Gifted and Talented program.

All HMS students are continuously assessed and monitored to determine their appropriate placement to support and/or challenge them through our RtI services.