Writing Class Expectations

We call writing class Writer's Workshop. This is a place for students to develop their skills as writers by learning and trying new things each class period. Class is broken into 5 minutes of bell work (continue to work on an idea, complete a prompt, ect.) 10-15 minutes of a mini lesson on an aspect of writing, 20-30 minutes of independent writing/practice, and 5 minutes of sharing/wrap up. On Thursdays we focus on a particular aspect of grammar.

Below are the expectations that we have for Writer's Workshop:

    1. Find your seat quickly and quietly, follow directions on the board
      2. Be ready to learn during lessons
        3. Be mindful of your noise level
          4. Write the whole time during independent writing time
            5. Be aware of when Ms. Bartick is conferencing with other students
              6. Try new things
                7. Share your writing proudly
                  8. Respect the speaker