Grading Policy

 Category      Type of Evaluation  Type of Work May Include  Weight
Formative     Homework/Classwork
Vocabulary Quizzes
 Progress     Formative     Checkpoint Quizzes 
Writing Assignments
 Product Summative  Exams
Performance Tasks 
Homework/Classwork Scoring Rubric
 Points Score  Description 
 4  100%  Work exceeds classroom expectation
 3.8  95% All problems completed to class expectations 
 3  75%  All problems attempted, most meet class expectations
 2  50%  All problems attempted, some meet class expectations
 1  25% Not all problems attempted, and/or not working to class expectation.
 0  0% Not done or no work shown 
Homework/Classwork Expectations:
1. Copy problem (if from textbook or other source where work cannot be shown). For word problems, set up an expression, equation, or other means for solving such as a table or diagram.
2. Show enough steps so that others can follow your thinking.
3. Use complete sentences for words problems and explanations.
4. All work should be neat and organized.  
5. Attempt all problems. If a student cannot find an entry point to the problem he/she may explain in 3-5 complete sentences what was confusing or troubling about the problem.