The goal of the Hampstead Middle School is to meet the unique needs of the ten to fourteen year old students.

We believe the education of early adolescents is determined by individual student needs and by the needs of the society in which they are to function. We strive to establish an educational atmosphere that encourages personal growth, promotes the realization of individual potential, and engenders respect for learning as a continuing process.

Teachers, administrators, support staff, board members, parents and citizens work cooperatively to develop a total Middle School program designed to meet the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual needs of early adolescents.

The educational atmosphere includes a supportive learning environment that fosters:

  • an emphasis on excellence and achievement.
  • a feeling of self-worth.
  • a sensitivity toward human relationships and a respect for the
  • abilities, values, and attitudes of others essential to an effective academic program.
  • a respect and trust in children.
  • an academic program responsive and challenging to all students.
  • an exploratory program developing appreciation, understanding and abilities in the arts.

The formal school experiences include curricula that ensure an understanding of our culture and provide students with basic skills enabling them to compete in our economic society and must also include learning strategies encompassing the teaching of creative thinking skills, problem-solving, and student skills. It is the parents' responsibility to provide a home environment conducive to learning and studying and is responsive, supportive, and respectful of the students' academic, physical, and emotional needs.

Our objective is to insure every child meets with success!!